degrowth and ecosocialism

Two (wrong) views on Marx, degrowth, and productivism (plus John Bellamy Foster on ecosocialism and degrowth)

Monthly Review — The myth of Prometheanism in Marx’s thought, revived by two opposite extremes on the issue, has resulted in the erection a “Tower of Babel” that threatens to extinguish much that has been achieved by Marxian ecology.
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Fourth International: Draft manifesto of revolutionary Marxism in the age of capitalist ecological and social destruction

Fourth International — An ecosocialist society is needed, and can be achieved only through a revolution. This manifesto tries to assess the best ways and means towards this aim.
Marx in the Anthropocene. Towards the Idea of Degrowth communism

Marx, communism and degrowth: On Kohei Saito’s ‘Marx in the Anthropocene’

Daniel Tanuro — In ‘Karl Marx’s Ecosocialism’, Kohei Saito showed how the mature Marx had broken with productivism. His new book, ‘Marx in the Anthropocene’, continues the reflection.
A year on, that’s still right. London demonstration, November 2022. Photo by Steve Eason

Defining ecosocialism

Simon Pirani — Making ecosocialism a reality is a huge, many-sided collective task.
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How Green was Karl Marx? On Kohei Saito and the Anthropocene

David Black reviews Kohei Saito’s 'Marx in the Anthropocene'.
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Degrowth: How anti-worker would it be?

Don Fitz — Many of the accusations against degrowth have been answered. But one accusation still seems to lack an adequate response: Is the US working class inherently anti-degrowth because it would mean a massive loss of jobs?
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Nine theses on ecosocialist degrowth

Michael Löwy — The ecological crisis is already the most important social and political question of the twenty-first century, and will become even more so in the coming months and years. The future of the planet, and thus of humanity, will be decided in the coming decades.
Green Marx

Discovering a Green Marx: Kohei Saito’s 'Marx in the Anthropocene'

Ryan Moore — The days when Karl Marx’s ideas were assumed to be incompatible with environmentalism and in need of greening are thankfully past, thanks in no small part to Kohei Saito’s contributions.
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Neither productivism nor degrowth: Thoughts on ecosocialism

Ståle Holgersen — Eco-Marxism and eco-socialism are currently haunted by a polarization between a socialist eco-modernism and degrowth.
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The politics of degrowth: Technology, ideology, and the fight for eco-socialism

Paul Fleckenstein interviews Gareth Dale on the politics of degrowth and the critique of the ideology of growth in capitalist society.

Degrowth and socialism: Notes on some critical junctures

Güney Işıkara & Özgür Narin — The dialogue between advocates of degrowth and socialism has brought about a partial convergence. At the same time, salient differences between the two currents, highly heterogeneous within themselves, still persist.

Planned degrowth: Ecosocialism and sustainable human development

John Bellamy Foster — The word degrowth stands for a family of political-economic approaches that, in the face of today’s accelerating planetary ecological crisis, reject unlimited, exponential economic growth as the definition of human progress.