David Camfield and Charlie Post argue that Palestinian liberation requires a regional revolutionary strategy based on the politics and methods of socialism from below.
Colton Campbell — The ongoing suffering in Gaza invoke a sense of urgency in labeling the situation for what it is, and for prompt investigation and adjudication, rather than waiting for a tragic culmination.
Gilbert Achcar — The likelihood of a new massive aggression launched by the Zionist state against Lebanon has become very high indeed
David Finkel — The United States’ December 8 veto of the UN Security Council emergency ceasefire resolution makes it all but official that the catastrophe engulfing Gaza and all of Palestine is a joint Israel-U.S. war of genocide.
Uri Weltmann discusses about Standing Together have responded to Netanyahu’s latest war on Gaza and rising anti-Arab racism within Israel, as well as what current events mean in terms of prospects for lasting peace.
Gilbert Achcar — It now seems probable that, by the end of this year 2023, the Zionist state will change the course of the war that it launched against the Gaza Strip and move to a new phase.
Matan Kaminer outlines how the left in Israel has unequivocally and vocally denounced the crimes committed by Hamas on October 7 and just as unequivocally opposed the savage war unleashed by Israel in the Gaza Strip.
Ana Cristina Carvalhaes — The multiplication of wars and the aggravation of tensions between states and intra-states are only one of the signs of the new historical period of convergence of crises, opened with the crash of 2008.
Antoine Larrache & Terry Conway — Israel’s offensive against Gaza has sparked a worldwide revolt unlike any other issue.
On December 9th, the day of action for climate justice, Palestinian BDS National Committee is calling on land, indigenous and climate justice movements to raise their voices for Palestine.
Karen Yamanaka — The Israel-Hamas war has caused further upheaval in a world order already fraught with tension and confrontation.
Gilbert Achcar — The truth is that the current aggression against Gaza constitutes, in the clearest possible form, a genocidal war that includes mass murder and “ethnic cleansing”.