Simon Pirani — Israel’s murderous onslaught on civilians is something that Israel’s war on the Palestinians and Russia’s war on Ukraine have in common. This is what empires do in the 21st century: the western empire that supports Israel and the weaker Russian empire.
Rashid Khalidi discusses the response — in the US, in the Middle East, and elsewhere — to recent events, the history of the Zionist project and past peace processes.
An interview with Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council member Duran Kalkan.
Akash Bhattacharya — India has historically identified with the anti-imperial and decolonial cause of Palestine. However, ties have grown by leaps and bounds, especially under Modi and Netanyahu.
We, Ukrainian researchers, artists, political and labour activists, members of civil society stand in solidarity with people of Palestine who for 75 years have been subjected and resisted Israeli military occupation, separation, settler colonial violence, ethnic cleansing, land dispossession and apartheid.
Don Fitz argues that there is a strong connection between the criminal occupation of Palestine and the LandBack movement.
Fourth International — The wars we are facing are linked to the global crisis of capitalism and the resulting headlong rush into conflict between rival imperialist powers.
Gilbert Achcar — A ground invasion appears imminent, but what is the political endgame?
Sarah Glynn — Turkey’s attacks on North and East Syria have not matched the immediate intensity and scale of the lethal violence that Israel has rained down on Gaza, but their intended result and many of their methods are the same.
Statements in defence of Brazilian and Indian socialists facing repression for standing in solidarity with Palestine.
Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union — Once again we express our solidarity with the Palestinian people and their just cause. The struggle of the peoples against oppression will surely succeed and all mass murderers will be held to account.
Gilbert Achcar — In the last few days, Gaza has epitomized the global North-South divide more than any other conflict in contemporary history.