Ukraine’s fight for freedom: A socialist case for solidarity and self‑determination

Paul Le Blanc offers a socialist perspective on the Russia-Ukraine war, arguing for solidarity with Ukraine's fight for self-determination while opposing the imperialist agendas of both Russia and Western powers.
Ukraine Palestine interview

‘I stand on the side of the oppressed, whoever they are’: Interview with Palestinian-Ukrainian activist Adib Shaheen

Adib Shaheen explains how the struggle for a just future and the support of peoples resisting aggression and repression are the same struggle.

Global crisis, conflict and war: What internationalism for the 21st century?

Pierre Rousset provides an overview of the unfolding “polycrisis” the world is immersed in.
Taras Bilous

‘If we didn’t join the armed forces, the left in Ukraine would cease to exist,’ says Taras Bilous

An interview with Taras Bilous, a Ukrainian historian and essayist who has served in the Ukrainian army since the beginning of the Russian aggression.
Ukraine Palestine occupation is a crime

Palestine, Ukraine and the crisis of empires (plus: No path to peace in Ukraine through this fantasy world)

Simon Pirani — What can we, in the labour and social movements, do about these two conflicts that are transforming the world we live in, and heightening fears of bigger, bloodier wars?
anti-war protest Russia

A revolution in Russia is possible

Mikhail Lobanov on the prospects for political change in Putin’s Russia.

Ireland and Ukraine’s struggle for independence 1916 –23

Ireland and Ukraine had similar challenges in the period 1916 – 1923. Conor Kostick and Vladyslav Starodubtsev answer questions about the period and compare the experiences of the left in that era.
Tempest cover Dave McNally

Perspectives for socialists in 2024: An interview with David McNally

David McNally looks at current geopolitical dynamics, economic fault lines, labor struggles and perspectives for socialists in 2024.
Russian tank

From Ukraine to Gaza: Imperialism, resistance and solidarity

Two years after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Pete Cannell discusses the shifting ground of economic and geopolitical rivalry and the need for international solidarity in building resistance to imperialism and militarism.
Russian against war

Russian Socialist Movement: ‘Stop the war’ has to mean ‘death to the dictatorship’

Russian Socialist Movement — Two years ago, Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This was not a response to any military threat posed by Ukraine or NATO: it was an attempt to subjugate a neighboring country that Putin simply believes should not exist.
ukraine and palestine

[Updated] Solidarity statements on the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine

Solidarity statements released by the Fourth International, Ukraine Solidarity Network (US), European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine, and left elected representatives on the second anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
Kremlin Moscow

How to understand Russia’s imperialist attitude toward Ukraine

Hanna Perekhoda analyzes construction of Russian imperialist imagery of Ukraine, rooted in the Russian ruling elite’s drive to maintain its power.