Patrick Le Tréhondat

Viktoriia Pihul (Social Movement, Ukraine): ‘The normalisation of full-scale war has seen the return of political confrontation’

Ukrainian feminist and socialist Viktoriia Pihul looks at the situation in Ukraine two years into Russia’s full-scale invasion. 

Oksana Dutchak

Commons (Ukraine): ‘Tensions are building in Ukrainian society as a result of neoliberal policies imposed by the government’

An interview with Oksana Dutchak, member of the Commons editorial team, as the two year anniversary of Russia’s invasion approaches.

Turkey Palestine

Turkey: ‘The absence of rules is the fundamental character of the regime’

Masis Kürkçügil explains how Erdoğan’s Turkey is seeking to carve out a path between the Western bloc and the West in order to build a second-rate imperialism. But this is not without difficulty in the context of exacerbated contradictions between the great powers.

Ukraine Palestine

Social Movement (Ukraine): From Ukraine to Palestine — Occupation is a crime

The Social Movement stands for a just peace in the Middle East, which requires the elimination of structural oppression of Palestinians and systemic violence against the civilian population.

Russian imperialism

War, fascization, and resistance: Perspectives on Russian imperialism

Ilya Budraitskis — To accomplish his war aim’s, Putin regime is trying to stabilize Russian society, stoke political conflict within NATO countries, legitimate his rule through the presidential election in March and mobilize troops for a new offensive in the spring.
Boris Nadezhdin

Russia: Boris Kagarlitsky on the Nadezhdin phenomenon

Boris Kagarlitsky — Nadezhdin’s campaign represents a significant political challenge: if not for the system, then at least for its conservative faction. We will know in the very near future how serious this challenge will be.
Putin tanks

Russian military Keynesianism: Who benefits from the war in Ukraine?

Volodymyr Ishchenko, Ilya Matveev & Oleg Zhuravlev look at how the transformation of the Russian economy and society in response to the challenges posed by the invasion of Ukraine have affected popular support for the war.
Russian bombing Ukraine

Ukraine: Russian troops out — stop the genocide

Fred Leplat — While the Ukrainian people continue their courageous fight against occupation, the West has cynically used the conflict to rebrand itself as a guarantor of democracy while withholding weapons and aid from Ukraine.

‘We have to end the Russian invasion as a priority’: Interview with Ukrainian and Russian socialists

Anti*Capitalist Resistance comrades speak to Vasylyna, a member of Sotsialnyi Rukh, and Mia, an activist in the Russian Socialist Movement, about the war and their organisation's activities.
Commons image ukraine left

The war in Ukraine: Agenda for the left

Oleksandr Kyselov — No doubt, the left should do more than just send arms, but it is a bare minimum not to oppose. The right to defend yourself is meaningless without the means to fight.

In the convergence of crises, the challenge is to take forward the workers and the people

Ana Cristina Carvalhaes — The multiplication of wars and the aggravation of tensions between states and intra-states are only one of the signs of the new historical period of convergence of crises, opened with the crash of 2008.
Israeli navy

Changing dynamics of world politics after the Hamas attack on Israel

Karen Yamanaka — The Israel-Hamas war has caused further upheaval in a world order already fraught with tension and confrontation.