Russia targets children KVPU

Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine: Russia is purposefully launching missile strikes on children, patients, and workers in Ukraine

The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine calls on the international community, trade unions and governments to strengthen their support for Ukraine as Russia continues its terrorist attacks and genocidal war in Ukraine.

Ukraine at a turning point: Imperialism, national liberation and solidarity

Ilya Budraitskis, Hanna Perekhoda and Simon Pirani on the global ramifications of Putin’s effort to erase Ukraine’s right to self-determination and the challenges it pose to those seeking to solidarize with victims of imperialism.
Finland Left Alliance NATO

‘We Could Not Provide Any Credible Alternatives to NATO’: Interview With Finnish Left Alliance’s Henrik Jaakkola

Oleksandr Kyselov interviews Henrik Jaakkola, of Finland's Vasemmistoliitto/Vänsterförbundet (Left Alliance)
income inequality US Russia

Russia’s delinking from the West: The great equalizer

Dmitry Pozhidaev — In combination with growing state capitalism and the war economy, Russia’s delinking has created additional internal investment opportunities and fiscal space for income redistribution.
Boris Kagarlitsky

Boris Kagarlitsky and the future of the Russian left

Patrick Bond — Boris Kagarlitsky has had a torrid time with Russia’s notorious carceral regime, most recently on February 13, 2024 when prosecutors allied with one Kremlin faction had him re-imprisoned for a five-year term.
Tatarstan and the War in Ukraine

Tatarstan and the war in Ukraine

How has the Ukraine war shaped ethnic policy in Tatarstan? How will the redistribution of military spending change the republic’s budget? And what do local elites think about it? Airat Arslanov answers these questions and more.

G7 must suspend Ukraine’s debt repayments

Eric Toussaint — For more than a year, the leaders of the main powers allied against Russia have been unable to reach agreement on how to finance the war and reconstruction of Ukraine.

Opposing Finland’s Thatcherist turn

Li Andersson, leader of the Finnish Vasemmistoliitto (Left Alliance), talks about her party’s priorities in this super election year.
Boris Kagarlitsky Long Retreat

War, fascism and revolution: Boris Kagarlitsky on why Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine

The following is a chapter from Russian anti-war Marxist Boris Kagarlitsky’s forthcoming book, “The Long Retreat: Strategies to Reverse the Decline of the Left”.

Justice for Ukrainian workers! Appeal to political representatives of the people of Europe and the world

On the eve of the European Parliament elections, trade union activists in Kryvyi Rih appeal to candidates and remind politicians that it is wage earners who bear the brunt of the war against the aggressor.

Ukrainians and Palestinians are fighting occupation

Terrell Starr speaks with Rita Adel and Vladyslav Starodubtsev about why they feel it is important for Ukrainians to understand colonialism in other parts of the world.
Marx et al

From the genocide in Palestine and Ukraine to the fascist threat: Working toward a revolutionary, Marxist-Humanist response

Today’s global capitalism is sinking into unimaginable levels of barbarism. Nowhere is this barbarism more glaring than in Israel’s genocide in Gaza