PSM Choo Chon Kai

Choo Chon Kai (Socialist Party of Malaysia): ‘Peace in the Asia-Pacific requires movements capable of taking power’

Choo Chon Kai outlines his views on rising US-China tensions, the struggle for peace in Southeast Asia and challenges for building solidarity amid an increasingly multipolar world.
Palestine Ukraine flag

Ukrainian activists declare solidarity with Palestine

Leftists in Ukraine are insisting on the urgent need to build solidarity without exception among oppressed peoples.
Now The People

Now The People! — United for solidarity, climate, justice and peace

The Left Bloc, France Unbowed, Podemos, Sweden's Left Party, Finland's Left Alliance and Red Green Alliance take a joint stand in defense of solidarity, the climate, justice and peace.

(Video) International (in)security: building solidarity in a rupturing world?

Russia's invasion of Ukraine exposed a deepening crisis of international security.

Hanna Perekhoda at rally

Hanna Perekhoda on Ukraine: ‘Thinking about solutions, we must at least not mistake the causes’

Hanna Perekhoda reflects on the mix of positions taken by European lefts on Ukraine.
China Korea US

Youngsu Won (South Korea): ‘US-China tensions have erased any space for struggle’

Youngsu Won discusses how rising tensions between the United States and China impact South Korean politics.
Likud poster

Palestine and Ukraine: How the 21st century empires wage war

Simon Pirani — Israel’s murderous onslaught on civilians is something that Israel’s war on the Palestinians and Russia’s war on Ukraine have in common. This is what empires do in the 21st century: the western empire that supports Israel and the weaker Russian empire.
Ukrainian letter of solidarity with Palestinian people

Ukrainian letter of solidarity with Palestinian people

We, Ukrainian researchers, artists, political and labour activists, members of civil society stand in solidarity with people of Palestine who for 75 years have been subjected and resisted Israeli military occupation, separation, settler colonial violence, ethnic cleansing, land dispossession and apartheid.
Women poland

Poland: Women and youth mobilise to vote out reaction

Szymon Martys — Poland held elections on October 15 that ended the eight-year, two-term rule of the incumbent Law and Justice party and the United Right political alliance centred on it.
Palestine protest

Fourth International: In solidarity with people's struggles against unbridled imperialism, for the liberation of the peoples and saving the environment

Fourth International — The wars we are facing are linked to the global crisis of capitalism and the resulting headlong rush into conflict between rival imperialist powers.
Imperialism US

Geopolitics, the imperial system and socialist anti-imperialism: Interview with Claudio Katz

Claudio Katz talks about the need to avoid looking at imperialism in purely economic terms, the rise of what he terms an “imperial system” and the complexities of anti-imperialism in the 21st century.
Commons journal

The Russian invasion and the Ukrainian left: The struggle for a social Ukraine

The idea of creating an English-language issue of Commons journal has been discussed for a long time, and it became especially acute in connection with the Russian full-scale invasion and the emerging significant interest in Ukraine among foreign audiences.