Photo essay: World Food Day protest at Monsanto's world headquarters

Photos by Don Fitz and Barbara Chicherio

October 17, 2011 -- Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- It ain’t easy organising anti-Monsanto pickets in St. Louis, where it seems that every other person has a relative, neighbour or friend who works for the corporate demon and is worried about its retaliation. Nevertheless, the Gateway Green Alliance and Safe Food Action St. Louis planned a demonstration as part of the October 16, 2011, World Food Day and Millions Against Monsanto nationwide events put together by the Organic Consumers Association.

 Several dozen activists fighting the company’s efforts to force GMOs (genetically modified organisms) on everyone who eats food, as well as its attempt to destroy small farmers in the US and across the globe, met at the Monsanto's world headquarters on the afternoon of October 16. Soon we were joined by a couple of carloads from Occupy St. Louis and had a lively group of 50.

A big problem with picketing Monsanto’s headquarters is that Olive Boulavard traffic whizzes by at 40–50 miles per hour, meaning that drivers can’t read a sign with small or thin letters. But several of us remembered the old Burma Shave signs on two-lane highways.These are photos of the picket.

[Don Fitz and Barbara Chicherio are active in the Gateway Green Alliance/Green Party of St. Louis, which is affiliated with The Greens/Green Party USA.]


Congratulations on this campaign, there can be none better than one to safeguard our food. Monsanto has been responsible for poisioning the land and people of Vietnam by use of its product Agent Orange, now wants to do same with our food.

If you are in the US take the opportunity to express your anger and concerns at Monsanto's annula general meeting 24th January 2012 in St Louis. See:

Len Aldis. Chairman

Submitted by Maria Concilio (not verified) on Sun, 12/11/2011 - 03:39


Hi Len.

Maria here from Millions against Monsanto. I admin the NYC page and am currently delighted to be involved in accompanying Occupy BIG Food on their rallies to where monsanto CFOs and the like come to meet with big bankers to make their unholy alliances.

Anyhow, I saw this and I am interested. What is the plan and how can we help? I can get some people together to board a train to St. Louis (hopefully) and we can be some kind of army.

We recently had a rally in October and I had the pleasure to meet Ms. Kelly Derricks from Agent Orange Legacy who was a speaker. This horrible company must be brought into the light so they can be prosecuted for their crimes against us the people and our planet. Please keep me posted on what is happening at this meeting. I am dedicated to ensuring a future for my children and that means a future without Monsanto looming over us.

Thank you Len. I look forward to coming to St. Louis, can't say I have ever been there, but , nonetheless, we need to make a difference sooner than later.

Best regards,
Maria Concilio
South Orange NJ
I am on FaceBook and at Millions Against MOnsanto NYC page

Hi Maria,

On Friday 16th December I arrived back to London from a short visit to Vietnam, where I met more tragic youngsters affected by Agent Orange, made as you will know by Monsanto.

Very pleased to read from emails how the build up to Monsanto's AGM on 24th January 2012 is developing, with individuals and organisation expressing their support. I'm sure there will be a good turnout both inside the AGM and outside. It will be a great opportunity for all to express their anger and concern at what Monsanto has done through its Agent Orange to the Veterans and their children, and to the farmers through Monsanto's GM seeds. I am reading more and more that the seeds are not working and putting many farmers in debt.

Let hope we can celebrate on the 24th January a victory for the people.


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Submitted by Crisco (not verified) on Sun, 01/22/2012 - 00:02


I couldn't agree more - everyone should take food into their own hands as much as possible and grow it themselves. Fact is these chemical companies are polluting the earth with their pesticides 'Profume' and GMO... Only to sell the cure to cancer and other diseases for high prices and even higher profits!

Poison our food make us sick and sell us the treatment.. Basf, Monsanto and Bayer.. sure there is more i missed..