Pakistan: Farooq Tariq on religious fundamentalism

August 11, 2010 -- NewsClick (India) via Real News Network -- Farooq Tariq from the Labour Party Pakistan talks about the changing relationship between the Islamic fundamentalists and the state of Pakistan.


Good interview by com Farooq Tariq sab , but as he said initialy ,that the approach of the state towards islamic fundamentalism is changing , i dont agree with him . As we have seen at large that state is continiously ( the civil/military establishment )nurishing the forces of obscurantism and fundamentalism in every way possible. PPP has even partnership govt in centre with the fundos of mulla fazalrehman ,the PNL abc d etc are all out mentaly ,physically ,spiritually ,idealogically for talibans ,what to talk about the taliban khan party and jumatislami buggers ?.

At the end ,he was more realistic in saying that the political fuedal ruling class never ever would like to change thier support for the fundamentalism .

if this menace of islamic buggery is not contained now , the world at large shall have to pay a disastrously in the days to come ,where its signs and expression are evident globally .