Solidarity from Timor Leste: `Support the people and legitimate government of Nepal!'

Solidarity message for the people and legitimate government of Nepal, by Luta Hamutuk, Timor Leste

Dili, Timor Leste, May 13, 2009 -- The legitimate government of Nepal was formed as a result of a very democratic process in Nepal.This government came about from the struggle of a people, full of the spirit of self-reliance, which was fighting against all forms of feudal, imperialist and neoliberal oppression.

However, now the agents of the oppressors are beginning to engage in sabotage against this legitimate and democratic government, efforts which are especially driven by the military forces of the oppressors.

Based on these facts, Luta Hamutuk -- an organisation in Timor Leste that is also fighting for economic justice and self-reliance, that is against all forms of imperialist oppression -- would like to state our full support for the people and democratic government of Nepal and demand as follows:

  1. Let the people of Nepal determine the direction and destiny of their nation and democracy. Stop brutal intervention, whether direct or indirect, by the agents of the oppressors.

  2. Allow the legitimate government in Nepal to resolve all the problems of the nation.

  3. Reject all forms of violence against the people of Nepal who want a government that is independent and democratic

  4. Stop military intervention, which will only damage the democratisation process that is supported by the majority of people.

  5. That the entire international community and all democratic governments everywhere should support the legitimate government of Nepal.

Continue the struggle, people united cannot be defeated.

Mericio Akara, on behalf of Luta Hamutuk – Timor Leste

[Translated from Indonesian into English by Vannessa Hearman.]