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The ANC and South Africa's 2024 elections: A nightmare of coalitions, splits and neoliberal crisis (plus: Amandla!: Elections 2024 — A wake up call for the left)

Gunnett Kaaf — The African National Congress is certainly fighting its most difficult election since the dawn of democracy in 1994.
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South Africa: The way forward for the left (plus: Zabalaza for Socialism — Building Towards a Movement for Socialism

Niall Reddy — The May 29 national election is going to have a profound effect on shaping the political landscape in South Africa and therefore on how to construct a Left party.
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Sudan: More than a domestic conflict

Saskia Jaschek — It is impossible to understand the war in Sudan without accounting for the regional and international interests involved.
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South Africa: Unlike ANC governments, we must practice consistent, inclusive solidarity and internationalism

Dale T McKinley — We need to speak out and mobilising against injustice, oppression and exploitation wherever they occur.
Members of the gendarmerie in the chamber of the National Assembly after expelling opposition MPs opposing the vote cancelling the 2024 presidential election – Dakar, 5 February

Macky Sall’s coup in Senegal: An interview with Florian Bobin

Florian Bobin discusses the deepening crisis in Senegal, including the repression and bloodshed of the last few years, efforts to unseat the president and the prospect for a radical left alternative emerging in the country.
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South Africa: Punching above its weight

Juan Acevedo-Ossa — South Africa’s ICJ case against Israel is the latest example of its ability to act as a normative superpower, exceeding even the great powers in shaping global moral discourse.

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Africa’s role in Palestinian liberation: An interview with Salim Vally

Salim Vally discusses Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza and the relationship between Palestinian liberation and Africa.

In the convergence of crises, the challenge is to take forward the workers and the people

Ana Cristina Carvalhaes — The multiplication of wars and the aggravation of tensions between states and intra-states are only one of the signs of the new historical period of convergence of crises, opened with the crash of 2008.
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A tarnished halo: Reassessing Nelson Mandela’s legacy 10 years after his death

Dale T McKinley — The tenth anniversary of Nelson Mandela's death provides a fitting opportunity to assess the legacy of a man whose life was, and remains, a source of fulsome praise and inspiration as well as trenchant criticism.

Sudan's tragedy: Could it happen elsewhere?

Namaa Al-Mahdi — The new commodity that the world powers are interested in is human-free land, to enable exploitation and expansion of neo-colonial interests. This is what is happening in Sudan.
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Turkey: The imperialist scramble in Africa and Erdoğan's position

Yusuf Karadaş — Erdoğan's government is among the regimes that are trying to use the reactions against colonialism in Africa (especially in Muslim countries) and the struggle for domination between imperialists, as an opportunity for their own expansionist ambitions.
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(Statements) African progressives on the coup in Niger

A regularly updated collection of statements by African socialists, trade unions and democratic forces on the recent coup in Niger.