Aleksandr Buzgalin on Russia’s 'Jurassic capitalism'

Buzgalin: bureaucrats and oligarchs rule a caricature of Western capitalism, amassing fabulous wealth.

May 6-7, 2012 -- Real News Network -- Aleksandr Buzgalin, professor of political economy at Moscow State University, editor of the independent democratic left magazine Alternatives, contributor to Links Interantional Journal of Socialist Renewal and coordinator of the Russian social movement Alternatives, spoke to the Real News Network about the nature of the regime of Vladimir Putin and the Russian state and economy today.

Full transcripts are available HERE.

Part 1 of Aleksandr Buzgalin's PowerPoint presentation on the Russian economy.

Part 2 of Aleksandr Buzgalin's presentation on the Russian economy.

Aleksandr Buzgalin: Putin defends the Russian state against Western neoliberals while pushing the same policies inside Russia.