Australia: Socialist Alliance Sixth National Conference, December 5-7, 2008, Geelong, Victoria

A great opportunity to learn, contribute and make a difference in Australian politics...

Socialist Alliance
Sixth National Conference
Friday, December 5 to Sunday,
December 7
Geelong Trades Hall
127 Myers Street, Geelong

The Socialist Alliance will be holding its Sixth National Conference after one year of Rudd Labor. The conference will discuss the way forward for the Alliance and for all the movements in which Alliance members have been involved.

Through their work Socialist Alliance activists helped bring an end to the hated Howard government--now we're determined to build the alternative to Rudd's "Howard Lite" and to State Labor governments that flout public opinion, parliament and the own party policy to do the bidding of the big end of town.

Take part in practical discussion and decision-making about strengthening the trade union, environment, Aboriginal, democratic rights and women's movements.

Join with activists from around Australia in developing the socialist answer to the environmentally unsustainable and socially unjust profit system of capitalism, and to the political parties that support it.

For more information contact the Socialist Alliance National Office
Phone: 02 8011 4108 or 02 9690 2508
Or email: