Socialist Alliance

Socialist Alliance condemns Israel and its Western allies, including Australia, for their role in escalating conflict in the Middle East.
The following two statements, "Russia out of Ukraine! No to NATO expansionism" and "Reject the war drive on China: For a foreign policy based on justice, human rights and climate action" were adopted by the Socialist Alliance national conference on January 14-15, 2023.
Parties from across the Asia-Pacific have issued the following joint statement in response to the attacks by Turkey and Iran on Kurdish communities.
A collection of statements by left parties in Asia in solidarity with mass protests in Iran

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s (NATO) new Strategic Concept document, adopted at the Madrid Summit at the end of June, is the imperialists’ attempt to giv

Socialist Alliance - Socialist Alliance condemns the Russian attack on Ukraine. The war violates international law and is a catastrophe for people in both countries. We recognise the right of the Ukrainian people to self-determination free from all foreign interference.
Statements and news on the arrest of Walden Bello.