Kurds: Statement by People's Democratic Party (Turkey) on developments in Rojava


Kurds rally to defend Kobane from IS killers.

By the foreign affairs commission of the People’s Democracy Party (HDP),Turkey

October 3, 2014 -- HDP, posted at Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- Today the peoples of the Middle East face the threat of a large-scale massacre. Peoples of the region, particularly Syrian and Iraqi peoples, are putting up an historic resistance to ISIS terror. Heavy attacks by ISIS, especially on the Kobane Canton of Rojava, are being resisted by the people of Kobane and YPG forces. The defence of Kobane, under the siege from four sides, continues.

It is widely accepted that some states in the region and their Western allies bear responsibility for strengthening the brutal attacks and massacres carried out by ISIS [also known as IS, "Islamic State"]. Hegemonic forces have been playing a puzzle game in the region, shaping cultural, political and economic forms over the lands and peoples of the Middle East since World War I. Now they have to face the horror created by the ISIS monster the Kurds and other democratic forces are trying to destroy today. This situation also offers an opportunity for sovereign states with historical interests in the region to reconsider the policies they have prosecuted in in the Middle East for nearly a century.

Turkey is one of the countries with primary responsibility for the existence, growth and spread of ISIS. Turkey's AKP [Justice and Development Party] government’s offensive, sectarian and discriminatory foreign policy is criticised by almost the entire world today. The impact of Turkish policy on the all-out struggle against ISIS in Kobane is significant. This foreign policy has mainly been shaped by the objectives of bringing about the Assad regime’s collapse and preventing an autonomous Kurdish area in the region. The mobility of ISIS members at the borders of Turkey, and global jihadist reinforcements coming through Turkey’s borders, pose ever increasing threats to the peoples of the Middle East.

The peace process in Turkey is directly affected by the developments in Rojava and Kobane. The Turkish government’s warlike and aggressive attitude towards Rojava and Kobane harms the already fragile peace process. Turkey’s policy must change immediately for the sake of peace in the Middle East and of the peace process in Turkey. The democratic world community should put pressure on the Turkish government in this direction.

The Kurdish people and YPG forces who are fighting such a wild organisation as ISIS, not only for Kurds but for all humanity, should not be left alone by the international community. International forces should not refrain from military aid to these resisters and to the democratic autonomous system in Rojava. Rojava provides hope for a whole democratic future of the Middle East and should be supported. Today, Kurds are making history with all their might and any policy which excludes Kurds has already expired.

Urgent Situation in Kobanê 

Kobane Canton, which is governed by a legitimate assembly of Kurdish, Assyrian, Armenian and Arab peoples, has been under siege and military attack since September 15, 2014, by heavy weaponry and thousands of ISIS fighters in an attempt to diminish the peoples’ common will.

ISIS has attempted to capture the Kobane Canton many times because of its strategic position on Turkey’s border, with access to Syria and Iraq. Because of previous ISIS attacks in the region, tens of thousands of civilians have migrated to Kobane Canton.

Turkey must stop directly or indirectly supporting ISIS. Recent evidence shows that weapons and military equipment have been transported for ISIS by the Turkish state rail. It is clear that ISIS commits serious crimes against humanity and the Turkish government is complicit in these crimes. Turkey’s shortsighted policy on ISIS causes instability and a chaotic situation in the Middle East. The Turkish Government’s buffer zone plan will cause expansion of violence towards Turkey. International political actors need to constrain Turkey from sabotaging the Kurdish People’s struggle by supporting ISIS.

The international community must urgently take necessary steps against this ongoing ISIS military siege on Kobane in order to prevent new massacres like the one carried out in Shengal. Military aid for Kobane should be organised as soon as possible.

We urgently call upon international public opinion to provide open political/diplomatic, military, economic and humanitarian support for the Kurdish Cantons in Syria, which can provide a model for a democratic Syria.


The wickedness of the policy of the Turkish Government towards Da'esh (a.k.a. ISIS) is profound. What should also be considered, however, is its criminal stupidity.

Da'esh is a millenarian cult. It has established its power in a certain geographical area, but it is vital not to mistake its territorial ambitions. It will not be content to take over the territory of Syria and Iraq, because its ambition is quite simply to rule the world. Its vision, of a global Islamic Caliphate where justice rules, all men (sic) are brothers and national conflicts are a thing of the past, is a powerful one and has been especially attractive to Muslims whose imagination has been globalised by the impact of contemporary capitalism.

States which co-operate with Da'esh underestimate it radically. This co-operation is vital for Da'esh because it enables the organisation to escape some of the contradictions in its support base and enables it to succeed militarily far in excess of what it could achieve under its own steam.

The Turkish Government thinks it can use Da'esh to suppress the Kurds, but it will soon enough discover the price. If it succeeds, it will be at the cost of unleashing Da'esh on another front - Turkey itself. Those who think they have been using Da'esh will find that they are the ones who have been used.