Malaysian and Philippines activists: 'Solidarity with the revolutionary Venezuelan people against far-right violence'

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By the Socialist Party of Malaysia/Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)

February 20, 2014 -- Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- The Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) is deeply concerned over the current situation in Venezuela where the Bolivarian Revolution is threatened by violent attacks from the far-right opposition, which aims to restore the oligarchic rule of big business and corporate interests in Venezuela.

Venezuelan right-wing opposition groups launched their latest assault on February 12 2014 by staging violent demonstrations to destabilise the Bolivarian government led by President Nicolas Maduro. Violent clashes took place and resulted in three deaths, including the death of Juan Montoya, a revolutionary community leader and staunch supporter of the Bolivarian Revolution who died from gunshot wounds in Barrio 23 de Enero. The latest incident is reminiscent of the events that led to the failed coup against then President Hugo Chavez on April 11, 2002. Right-wing opposition forces backed by the US government have employed such tactics many times in Venezuela in their attempt to defeat the Bolivarian Revolution and to restore the ancien régime which championed the savage neoliberal economic order.

The PSM stands in solidarity with the people of Venezuela in this difficult period when the Bolivarian Revolution is facing ongoing attacks from right-wing forces and continuous political violence.

The PSM calls upon the international community to truly uphold the principles of democracy and social justice by supporting the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, and by raising its voice against violent attempts to destabilise and overthrow the democratically elected government in Venezuela.

Solidarity from the Philippines Venezuela Solidarity Network

February 20, 2014 -- The Philippines Venezuela Solidarity Network (Phil-Ven-Sol) stands in solidarity with the revolutionary government of Venezuela and condemns all attempts by the right-wing opposition to destabilise the legitimately elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.

After the death of President Hugo Chavez, the counter-revolutionary opposition thought that it could weaken and ultimately defeat the Bolivarian Revolution. However, given the victory of Nicolas Maduro, who was elected as president by an electoral system that even former US President Jimmy Carter has declared to be "the best in the world", followed by the municipal elections in December, which resulted in a strong victory for President Maduro, the opposition's counter-revolutionary plans were frustrated. The electoral victories indicate that the president has the support of the majority of the people and that he was able to consolidate that support during the municipal elections.

President Maduro has also managed to stand up to the campaign of economic sabotage -- the hoarding of commodities, capital strikes and capital flight -- and has continued to steer a peaceful transition to socialism in Venezuela.

Phil-Ven-Sol also condemns the intervention of the United States in Venezuelan affairs. It's no secret that the US government has made several attempts to overthrow the revolutionary government of President Hugo Chavez and continues this policy against President Maduro. We therefore support all efforts by the Venezuelan government to defend itself and thereby the national sovereignty of Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution towards socialism. This includes the recent expulsion of US diplomats who conspired with the right-wing protest leaders.

Phil-Ven-Sol has embarked on an information campaign in the Philippines to expose the right-wing attempts to overthrow the revolutionary government. We will continue to follow developments, remain vigilant and pledge to step up our solidarity efforts, with the Bolivarian revolution.

Mabuhay Rebolusyong Bolivariano! Mabuhay 21st century socialism! Venceremos!