Philippines socialists on Nepal: `We stand in solidarity with this mass movement fighting for the people’s interests'

May 14, 2009 -- The Partido Lakas ng Masa of the Philippines has attempted to follow the developments in Nepal over the recent period. We welcomed the ouster of the monarchy achieved by the people’s struggle and the mass movement, the unity of the main left forces, the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and the Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist Leninist), and the elections which gave the left control of the government. We welcomed as a victory for the left and progressive movement worldwide the election of a left government led by the UCPN (M), along with the CPN (UML).

We therefore consider the forced resignation of this government as a result of the refusal of the pro-elite Nepalese military hierarchy and the president, backed by the country’s elite, to follow the directives of a democratically elected government carrying out the platform that it was elected upon, as detrimental to the people’s interest and only serving the interests of the Nepalese elite.

We also note that it serves the interests of the Indian elite. The Indian ruling class acts as an imperial power in the region, detrimental to the people’s interest in the region as a whole, and in cahoots with more powerful imperialist allies such as the United States. It is in this capacity and in this role that the Indian government is interfering against the interests of the people of Nepal.

We know that the Nepalese communists will find the ways and means to prevent elite and imperialist interests from blocking the legitimate aspirations of the people of Nepal for a democratic, just and prosperous society.

We support the Nepalese people’s struggle and especially the demands of the mass movement on the streets today, calling for the resignation of the Nepalese army hierarchy and for the reinstatement of the legitimate, democratically elected government of the people, to carry out its mandate. We stand in solidarity with this mass movement fighting for the people’s interests and for the democratically elected left government led by the UCPN (M).

We remember the lesson of the Venezuelan revolution when the people united behind President Hugo Chavez to foil the April 2002 coup plans of the oligarchy and brought the revolutionary government back to power.

The people united can never be defeated!