Sudan: Urgent call for action on behalf of detained and tortured protesters

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The following is a letter template that human rights and democracy activists in Sudan are asking people around the world to use as a basis of a protest letter to be send to the government of Sudan and to Sudanese embassies in their countries. Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal urges its readers to do so. For more information, see also "Sudan: Northern regime tightens grip as protests flare".

* * * 

Dear honourable sir/madam

Re: Sudanese students, youths and journalists beaten, abducted, imprisoned and tortured in Sudan for participating in political activities and responding to a call for demonstrations across Sudan on January 30, 2011.

Inspired by Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, and the Facebook revolution in Egypt, infuriated by price increases and a presidential promise of freedom restrictions in the Sudan,youth groups in the Sudan called for demonstrations against President Omar Al Bashir and his ruling party, the National Congress Party. Large numbers were abducted from the streets by National Congress Party police and detained in jail, I write to you to urge you to please intervene and request the urgent release of political detainees in the Sudan.

The peaceful demonstrations started on January 30 and continued as sporadic demonstrations at various locations within the capital, Khartoum, and the other states of Sudan, including Jazeera State, North Kordofan State, White Nile State, Kassala State and Sinnar State.

The demonstrators were responding to a 30% increase on the prices of basic commodities such as fuel, cooking oil and sugar announced following approval of a bill by parliament early that month. They were also protesting against a presidential promise of restrictions on freedom and the rejuvenation of the near-dormant sharia law.

The peaceful demonstrations were met by riot police brutality, imprisonment of protesters and non-protesters from the streets, a wave of imprisonments of political activists from their homes and young members of Sudanese opposition political parties, the imprisonment of journalists and general clamp down on the Sudanese Communist Party’s activities and members. Released detainees have reported seeing scenes of physical torture of male activists/demonstrators as well as psychological and emotional torture of female activists/demonstrators.

The protests were called for by several Facebook pages:!/pages/alantfadt-alswdanyt-dd-alkyzan-2011/127360107330689!/ahraralsudan.sudan!/pages/shbab-lajl-altghyrshrart/119853051421928

There are more than 20 persons still detained in the National Congress Party prisons – some are in known prisons, others remain missing – none of the detainees have been charged with any crime and or arrested in an official manner, three/four police members both uniformed and non-uniformed would jump on the demonstrators and push them or carry them to a pickup truck without providing any reasons for the arrest and/or caution or reading the arrested party their rights.

Below are a group of reports on the incidents in the Sudan.

Your name:


* * *

President HE Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir
Office of the President
People’s Palace PO Box 281
Khartoum, Sudan
Fax: +249 183 782 541
Salutation: Your Excellency

Minister of Justice
Mr Mohammed Bushara Dousa
Ministry of Justice, PO Box 302
Al Nil Avenue
Khartoum, Sudan
Fax: +249 183 764 168
Salutation: Your Excellency

And copies to:
Minister of Interior
Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Hamed
Ministry of Interior
PO Box 873
Khartoum, Sudan

Also send protests to the Sudanese embassy in your country.

Names of detainees

Abu Obeida Abakar

Ahmad Al Tigani (currently being subjected to torture and humiliation)

Ahmed Babiker Mohammed

Ahmed Salih

Ahmed Ali

Ahmed Fouad

Ahmed Mohammed Osman

Ahmed Mahmooud

Adam Mohammed Ismaeel

Osama Ameen Obeid

Ashraf Izz Eldeen

Aminah Al Sayed

Aminah Osman

Ameer Munier Abou Shamah

Ameen (surname unconfirmed)

Anas Abdul Rahman

Anour (surname unconfirmed)

Basil (surname unconfirmed)

Basheer Hassan

Baha El Deen Mahjoub

Taj El Deen Ahmed

Tharwat Souar Al Dahab

Thuriyah Habeeb

Jebreel (surname unconfirmed)

Hatem Azhari

Husam Mohammed Zain

Hassan Abdul Rahman Al Zaki

Hassan (Bantoun)

Hamza Balool Al Ameer

Khalid Tawfeeg

Khalid Mohammed Al Moutasim

Kheiry Naser

Dr Ashraf Izz Eldeen

Dr Hussam Malek

Dina (surname unconfirmed)

Rashed Abul Hassan (currently being subjected to torture)

Rashed Ahmed

Rashed Abdul Wahab

Rahma Mohammed Osman

Rushan Oshie

Rawa Salah Abdul Kareem

Rowaa Ahmed Osman

Sarah Taj El Sir

Samer Hassan

Samer Salah Al Deen

Saedyah Issa (was refused medication for a chronic medical condition)

Suliman Widda

Samah Bushrah

Samah Keshah

Samah Mohammed Adam

Shiraz Al Nazeer

Siddig Abdul Jabar

Salah Mubarak Al Fadel

Souhib Al Kareb

Souhib Abbas (currently being subjected to life-threatening torture)

Doha Al Nazeer

Adel Ibraheem Karrar

Alem Shareef

Amer (surname unconfirmed)

Doha Al Nazeer

Adel Ibraheem Karar

Alem Shareef

Amer  (surname unconfirmed)

Abdul Aziz Kabalyi

Adbullah Al Aydarous

Abdulllah  (surname unconfirmed)

Abdullahi Makki (subjected to torture)

Abdul Razieg  (surname unconfirmed)

Abdul Rahman Mohammed Hassan

Adbul Azeem Mohamed Ahmed Osman (suffers from chronic medical condition and is currently being subjected to torture)

Abeer Ahmed Babkir

Abeer Mohammed

Afra (surname unconfirmed)

Ali Al Naeem

Ali Haj Al Ameen

Ali Hamdan

Ali Mohammed Khalid

Omar Ahmed Hamid

Omar Hassan

Omar Abdul Bagi

Omar Mahjoub

Issa Basher

Al Fateh (surname unconfirmed)

Farouq Osama

Fatima (surname unconfirmed)

Fatima Ghazali

Al Fateh Al Seedig

Fateh Al Aleem Al Hadi

Fakhri Halimah

Kamal Mohammed Osman (currently subjected to torture)

Lois Awelwel Warank (currently subjected to life-threatening torture)

Maher Hassan El Feel

Mujahed Abdul Mutal

Mahjoub Taj El Sir

Mouhsin Abdul Ghader

Mohammed Ahmed (surname unconfirmed)

Mohammed Ismaeel Hamid

Mohammed Al Ameer

Mohammed Al Hayder

Mohammed Al Sanjak

Mohammed Al Saddig

Mohammed Al Hindi

Mohammed Rahama

Mohammed Siddeeg

Mohammed Salah Abdul Rahman

Mohammed Adil

Mohammed Abdul Rahman (currently subjected to life-threatening torture)

Mohammed Abdullah Al Khateeb

Mohammed Osman Kujari

Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Imad

Mohammed Awad

Mohammed Kamal Ibraheem Ahmed

Mohammed Marzoug

Mohammed Wadeea

Mohammed Ali Al Omdah

Mohammed Kamal Ibraheem Ahmed

Moukhtar Bader Al Sanousi

Marwa Al Tijani

Marwa Al Rayeh

Muzamel Ali

Mustafa Abdul Rahman

Mustafa Mohammed Ali

Mousab Zain Al Abedeen

Mousab Marino

Moutaz Mohammed

Moutasim Zakeria

Mountaser Zain Al Abedeen

Mona Al Soubki

Mona (surname unconfirmed)

Mohaned El Derderi (currently subjected to life-threatening torture)

Najem El Deen

Nazar Al Fadel

Naseer El Deen Yousif

Nafisa Al Nour Hajar

Nouha Al Nager

Wadaha Gorishi

Waleed Al Hadiyah

Yousif Mubarak Al Fadel

Mohammed Ahmed Soliman

28 Students from Sinnar University (names unknown).