The thoughts of `Chairman' Chicka Dixon; `The Fox has the last laugh'

"My thoughts on life. `The thoughts of Chairman Chicka', they could be called. I believe every woman of this planet is my sister. I believe every man on this planet is my brother. Like all Kooris [Indigenous people] I know the earth is my mother. We must learn to share with those three. If the rest of the world could adopt that philosophy of caring and sharing, there would be no wars. But most importantly, there would be no starving children." -- the late Charles "Chicka" "the Fox" Dixon, speaking at the Australian Museum, in December 2003.

Chicka Dixon passed away on March 20, 2010. [For more on Chicka's remarkable life, click HERE.] Indigenous activist Gary Foley addressed the state funeral for Chicka held at the Sydney Town Hall on March 31, 2010. His comments follow. Thanks to Tim Anderson for the videos.