Steven Forti — From Spain’s Vox to Argentina’s Javier Milei, the forces of the new far right don’t resurrect historical fascism. But they are the greatest threat to democracy today.
Álvaro García Linera argues that to defeat the extreme right, the left must pursue greater wealth redistribution, not moderation or conciliation.
Pedro Fuentes discusses imperialism’s new phase, ecological crisis and "accumulation by dispossession", the unpredictability of contemporary politics and the need for a new internationalism.
Mariano Schuster & Pablo Stefanoni — The Argentine primary elections caused a political earthquake, with libertarian Javier Milei taking first place and Peronism coming in third. Never before has the radicalized right won so many votes.
By Verónica Gago August 26, 2018
By Nazaret Castro July 6, 2018

Introduced and translated by Richard Fidler, article original published in Spanish in La Llamarada July 14, 2013 -- Life on

Del Cano 

Iniciado hace poco más de cuatro años, el Frente de Izquierda y de los Trabajadores frontal (FIT) se ha convertido en un punto de referencia clave para la izquierda en Argentina, y está rápidamente ganando su lugar en la escena política nacional.