Michael Pröbsting — Relations between Great Powers cannot be understood in isolation but rather have to be viewed in the context of fundamental class contradictions within a given historical stage of a mode of production.
Michael Pröbsting — One of the key debates among socialists today is the class character of China. This is hardly surprising since China is not only the most populous country on the planet but its rivalry with the U.S. also constitutes a pivot of the world situation.
Like in the case of the present war, where the United States is intervening as an “ally” of Ukraine, in the Second Sino-Japanese War the United States entered the war in 1941, becoming the imperialist “ally” of China and started sending direct material aid to China in its war of national liberation against Japan. At the time, a debate emerged between the Socialist Workers Party and the Fourth International on the one hand, and the Workers’ Party on the other.
Sam Wainwright - Russia's invasion of Ukraine has had profound consequences for world and domestic politics that we need to grapple with if we are to chart a way forward.
This is an expanded version of a letter written by Chinese and Hong Kong socialists on the mainland and overseas on the night of 26 November 2022, when protests first erupted. This version has been revised through the weekend as events developed. 

Republished from Life on the Left. Originally posted on Facebook by by Hong Kong activist Lam Chi Leung.

Yun Dong - It is simply stunning how quickly masses of people have risen up and challenged the government and its policies.
Promise Li - People in China are taking mass action to challenge authoritarian rule, capitalist exploitation, and a deadly lockdown policy. Socialists around the world can work in solidarity to support this movement. Here’s how.
Au Loong-yu - Taiwanese people are the smaller player in this great contest between China and the US, easily bullied or betrayed by either this or that superpower. Precisely because of this the international left must ask themselves: Who should be our first concern in this triangular relationship between Beijing, Taipei and Washington?
Sophie Chen - As China’s global impact grows, it becomes increasingly important to deepen international understanding of China, to amplify voices from grassroots social movements inside the country and, more importantly, to show solidarity and learn from their experiences and resistance.
The Russian invasion of Ukraine is having profound repercussions for the international system and the global economy. In this conversation, Boris Kagarlitsky discusses the implications of the war on the Russian economy, its financial sector, and the Russian elite. Furthermore, he nalyzes the ongoing crisis of globalization, in particular Western sanctions, rising commodity prices, and the current role of China.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s (NATO) new Strategic Concept document, adopted at the Madrid Summit at the end of June, is the imperialists’ attempt to give new mean