US global capitalism

US empire, global capitalism and the ‘internationalisation’ of states: An interview with Sam Gindin

Sam Gindin discusses the rise of the US empire, its role in creating a truly global capitalism and the challenges it faces today.
New York City rally protests 70 years of Nakba

Western imperialism’s ideological crisis

Michael Pröbsting — There are glaring and growing contradictions between the official ideological justifications and actual foreign policies of Western imperialism.
National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan meets with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, October 2023.

The ‘multipolar world’: A euphemism to support multiple imperialisms

Frederick Thon Ángeles, Manuel Rodríguez Banchs and Jorge Lefevre Tavárez put forward 18 ideas about the new world order, the dangers of rising inter-imperial conflict, and the need to build an independent pole anchored in the international working class.

Danaletchumi Langaswaran (Socialist Party of Malaysia): Building regional solidarity against war and imperialism

Danaletchumi Langaswaran — There are prospects for building solidarity, but left and people’s groups in the region must work together for it.
AA soldiers and Rohingya IDPs

Arakan at the Crossroads: Addressing newly-emerging military and political dynamics

Naing Lin analyses the latest state of conflict, how the political narrative has changed and need for peace for all peoples in the struggle for Arakan freedom.
PLM anti-vaccine covert operation

The Philippines: Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM) condemns US military anti-vaccine and anti-Chinese covert operations

Partido Lakas ng Masa condemns in the strongest possible terms the deadly covert operations conducted by US imperialism against the Filipino people during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.
imperialism and antiimperialism

Imperialism and anti-imperialism today

Ashley Smith — The United States remains the world’s most powerful state. But it faces imperial rivals in China and Russia and sub-imperial ones in every region of the globe.
Biden Xi

We live in a world of growing imperialist rivalries

Ilya Matveev — Vast shifts in the world economy are driving a new imperialist rivalry, for which a series of regional wars are creating dangerous flash points.

The Global South has become the focus of inter-imperialist rivalry

Michael Pröbsting — We have entered a historic period where several imperialist Great Powers are rivalling for hegemony. This development is accelerating global instability, wars and economic crisis.
new imperial order

Prelude to a new imperial order?

Todd Gordon & Jeffery R Webber — The immediacy of the Russian invasion of Ukraine alongside the emergence of China as a potential global power has changed the debate on imperialism.
geneva lake

The persistence of global capitalism’s Long Depression: An interview with Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts looks at the state of the US and world economy, the reasons for what he calls the Long Depression, and how it is driving political polarization and imperial rivalries.