Middle East


The Gulf Arab states and the new ‘East-East’ axis of world oil

Adam Hanieh — A major shift has taken place in the control of world oil over recent decades: the seemingly unstoppable rise of national oil companies run by governments in the Middle East, China, Russia and others in the Global South.

Against normalisation

Pro-Palestine solidarity and capitalist double-speak in the Middle East

Michael Pröbsting — Middle Eastern governments denounce Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinian people in Gaza but refuse to rupture their economic relations with the Zionist state.

Ukraine Palestine

Social Movement (Ukraine): From Ukraine to Palestine — Occupation is a crime

The Social Movement stands for a just peace in the Middle East, which requires the elimination of structural oppression of Palestinians and systemic violence against the civilian population.

Stop arming Israel protest

Israel’s war on Gaza: The West against the rest?

Harald Etzbach — While the states of the Global South publicly proclaim solidarity with Palestine, the reality is more complicated.

A Kurdish woman dancing at a celebration of the revolution in Qamishli, 2023. Photo by Anna Rebrii

The revolution against the odds: An interview on Rojava with Anya Rebrii and Liza Shishko

Anna Rebrii & Liza Shishko discuss their experience living in the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.

Social contract of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the North and East Syria Region

The text of this Social Contract of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the North and East Syria Region was ratified on December 12, 2023.
apartheid south africa israel

Africa’s role in Palestinian liberation: An interview with Salim Vally

Salim Vally discusses Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza and the relationship between Palestinian liberation and Africa.
Egyptian with Palestinian flag

From Palestine to Tahrir Square: What Egyptians owe Palestinians

Hossam el-Hamalawy — Since the start of Israel’s latest assault on Gaza, many are wondering why Cairo is effectively supporting Israel’s genocidal war.
Israel bombing

A huge shift in public opinion: Israel’s war on Gaza and the Arab World

Michael Pröbsting — Recent votes in the UN General Assembly have demonstrated that never before has the US been so isolated on a crucial issue of world politics. The shift in public opinion is particularly strong in the Arab world.
Demonstration demanding a ceasefire in Gaza, Tel Aviv, 18 November 2023. All photos by Matan Kaminer.

‘An absolute deluge of repression’: The criminalization of dissent in Israel today

Matan Kaminer outlines how the left in Israel has unequivocally and vocally denounced the crimes committed by Hamas on October 7 and just as unequivocally opposed the savage war unleashed by Israel in the Gaza Strip.
Malaysia solidarity Palestine

Building international solidarity with the Palestinians

Antoine Larrache & Terry Conway — Israel’s offensive against Gaza has sparked a worldwide revolt unlike any other issue.