Middle East

Washington abstained in voting on the resolution adopted by the UN Security Council on Monday

Gilbert Achcar: The US administration’s hypocrisy and Israel’s insolence

Gilbert Achcar — It is truly astonishing that Washington abstained in voting on the resolution adopted by the UN Security Council, despite the resolution being consistent with the US’ position.
Leila Khaled

Palestinian revolutionary Leila Khaled on US-Israeli imperialism, Hamas’ October 7 attacks and the Kurdish liberation struggle

Peter Boyle — Leila Khaled is an iconic Palestinian revolutionary activist and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine leader. However, the Western media dubs her “the first woman plane hijacker” and Israel brands her a “terrorist”.
Tempest cover Dave McNally

Perspectives for socialists in 2024: An interview with David McNally

David McNally looks at current geopolitical dynamics, economic fault lines, labor struggles and perspectives for socialists in 2024.
Palestine protest

Gilbert Achcar: For the right to self-determination of Palestinians, for the withdrawal of imperialist forces from the Middle East

The war in Gaza continues, with its procession of horrors, but also with significant resistance in Palestine. Gilbert Achcar addresses this situation and the avenues for building solidarity against Israel and its accomplices, the far right and imperialism.
YPF hiking

Women’s Protection Units (YPJ): On societal transformation and revolutionary progress

Berivan Amuda — What sets the Rojava Revolution apart is that it has truly been based on a struggle centering women’s liberation and society’s change towards an ethical and political society.
Israel Sri Lanka

Oppression and genocide in Sri Lanka and Palestine

Our defeat was always implicit in the victory of others; our wealth has always generated our poverty by nourishing the wealth of others — the empires and their native overseers.

Lebanon bombed

Joseph Daher: Middle East tensions grow

Joseph Daher — Faced with the violence of the Israeli occupying army and supported by its Western imperialist allies, the people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon face the growing risks of a more deadly regional conflagration.
Palestine checkpoint

It is dark before the dawn, but Israeli settler colonialism is at an end

Ilan Pappé discusses the need to understand that the genocide of Palestinians we are currently witnessing, as brutal as it is, is also the demise of the so-called Jewish state.

A discussion about Hamas & October 7

Dave Holmes — We are constantly told by the Western corporate media that Hamas is a terrorist group. But the reality is very different.
Palestine rally

An interview With Tareq Baconi: Toward decolonization — The struggle for Palestine today

Tareq Baconi discusses Hamas’ attacks on October 7, Israel’s genocide, the state of Palestinian resistance and its implication for the region and world.