Video: The Malthus myth: Population, poverty and climate change

May 30, 2010 -- Capitalism and Climate -- Most of what you've heard about Robert Malthus is wrong. He didn't predict a population explosion, and he didn't think we should control our population. His real goal was to convince people that society cannot be improved, that most people will always be poor. "The Malthus Myth: Population, Poverty and Climate Change" was a talk presented by Ian Angus, editor of Climate and Capitalism and a contributing editor of Socialist Voice, at Socialism 2010 in Toronto, May 22, 2010. Many thanks to Pance Stojkovski, who recorded this presentation and edited it for Socialist Project's LeftStreamed.

I think although it may be wrong to say the U.S. military action in Iraq generated CO2 emissions larger than the ones generated from 139 countries simultaneously, it still maybe correct to say that the U.S. army emissions have beem larger than several countries' summarized ones. And it's not only Iraq, the U.S. army id constantly somewhere around the world doing something...

btw. It's great to find a site like this.