Dave Holmes

Dave Holmes — The struggle in Palestine is now the number one issue of world politics. The armed breakout from Gaza on October 7 by Hamas and its allies has raised numerous questions.
Dave Holmes — We are constantly told by the Western corporate media that Hamas is a terrorist group. But the reality is very different.
Dave Holmes — Ever since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, NATO has been calling the shots, fighting a proxy war against Russia on Ukrainian territory, using NATO arms, training, intelligence, “volunteers” and advisers, with Ukrainians as expendable cannon fodder on the ground.
Renfrey Clarke and Dave Holmes — The fact that Russia is not part of the imperialist world has enormous implications for the way the conflict in Ukraine must be interpreted.
Dave Holmes — We live in a world where capitalism is near universal. However, it’s not just capitalism but capitalism in its imperialist stage. If we don’t understand what this is (and what it is not), we can’t understand anything about the politics of Australia and the world today.
Dave Holmes — A Russian defeat at the hands of the US-NATO-Ukraine forces would be a victory for imperialism. An end to the war and a withdrawal of Russian troops is obviously desirable, but only as a result of negotiations and a reasonable peace settlement.
Dave Holmes and Renfrey Clarke - The war in Ukraine is being used to massively intensify the West’s anti-Russia campaign. But the blowback from the sanctions regime is destabilising Western Europe and intensifying the suffering of developing countries.
Dave Holmes - The Russia-Ukraine war has been raging for over six months. Tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians have died, many more have been wounded and traumatised. Millions have become refugees. The material damage is immense.