Brazil: Every vote is decisive

Pro-Lula rally

The final stretch of the electoral process, marked by polarization, many fake news stories, and the fight against Bolsonarism, is undefined. The polls are divergent and, of course, there is a dispute about who is ahead. The fact is that no one can say what the result of the polls will be on the 30th. Bolsonaro oscillates between contumacious demagoguery and aggressiveness. Lula has advanced with more street activities around the country. The dispute in the states is also heated.

The next ten days will determine the conditions of the political struggle over the next four years. Brazil, as a continental country, is being seen by the world as a hope to defeat the authoritarianism of the extreme right. The Party of Socialism and Freedom (Partido Socialismo e Liberdade, PSOL), its militancy and supporters, has an important role in this struggle.

The electoral mobilization

The second round began with the PT leadership having organizational and political difficulties to support the necessary task of making Lula win: there were reports of a lack of material and a lack of coordination of agendas in recent weeks.

At the same time, after the latest polls, it is necessary to overcome two behaviors of activism in the social networks: the "already won" attitude and desperation, both harmful for the last days of the campaign when it will be necessary to convince the last undecided. It is necessary to combine two strategies: both large mobilizations to tune in, get enthusiastic and move forward with the militancy, and small groups that can do "house to house" in the line of "change the vote".

There were examples of good activities this week, like the teachers' day walk in São Paulo, organized by the education unions; the national day of struggle against the cuts and for "out, Bolsonaro", led by the student vanguard on the 18th; as well as the good walks with Lula in Porto Alegre and in São Gonçalo. It is with courage and mobilization until the last day that it will be possible to defeat the Bolsonaro attacks and polarization.

The PSOL now and then

The PSOL grew in the first round. Beyond celebrating our electoral advance, the new scenario amplifies the party's responsibilities. Facing the decisive battle, the PSOL will not be absent and will be in the streets every day.

The challenge of the struggle will continue: the country is divided in half. After the 30th, the representatives of the backwardness will continue to defend their agenda to devastate the country. The place of the PSOL will be in the struggles! Until then, all the strength to vote for Lula 13 to defeat Bolsonaro!

Israel Dutra is secretary general of PSOL, a sociologist, and National Leadership member of the Socialist Left Movement (Movimento Esquerda Socialista, MES). Thiago Aguiar is a doctor in sociology at USP.