People's power appeal: Help Gaza recover

August 5, 2014 -- Socialist Alliance, posted at Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- On the recommendation of Shamikh Badra from the Palestinian People's Party in Gaza, the Socialist Alliance in Australia is launching a special appeal for funds to help the Palestinian people recover from Israel's latest genocidal war. All funds collected will be divided between the following two non-governmental organisations:

Inma’a Association

In particular, the funds collected will be for Inma'a Association's project of helping the Palestinian children and their families injured by the 2014 war on Gaza and those affected by cancer receiving treatments in East Jerusalem and Israeli hospitals.

Palestinian Agricultural and Development Association (PARC)
In particular, funds collected will be targeted to PARC's programs to enhance food security, training of farmers, rehabilitation of agricultural lands and grapes cultivation and enhancing drought resilience through innovative water management in the Gaza strip. See:

Deposits can be made to the People's Power Fighting Fund account and we will transfer the money collected to these two Palestinian people's organisations.

People's Power Fighting Fund
Commonwealth Bank Australia
BSB number: 062026
Account number: 1006 0743

For more information about this appeal please contact the Socialist Alliance national office + 61 2 8070 9331