Scotland: Left Project welcomes SSP support for a new left electoral alliance

SSP national co-spokesperson Colin Fox.

May 25, 2015 -- Scottish Left Project, posted at Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- The Scottish Left Project welcomes the motion passed at the Scottish Socialist Party annual conference calling for a new left electoral alliance in time for the 2016 Holyrood [Scottish] elections.

Colin Fox, SSP national co-spokesperson said:

The Scottish Socialist Party believes the Scottish Left Project electoral alliance has great potential and we want to help harvest that potential. We bring our experience and expertise as a party, one that has fought all four previous Holyrood elections, with us. And we look forward to meeting our partners in the Left Project in the next few days to see what progress can now be made towards advancing our shared political goals.

Cat Boyd a signatory to the Left Project said:

This is a really positive development for socialists in Scotland – especially in the dark days of a Tory government. During the referendum, when we worked in the spirit of collectivism and cooperation, we demonstrated that left wing ideas could be popular across Scotland. I am very optimistic about the future for working class representation in Holyrood in 2016.

Over recent months we have been meeting activists, campaigners, cultural figures and trade unionists in an effort to bring together the largest radical left challenge for the Scottish Parliament in over a decade. We see this as part of rebuilding popular left wing politics in Scottish society.

In the coming days and weeks supporters of this call will be announced and negotiations will take place to work out a common policy platform that can transform the lives of millions of people all over Scotland.

We are continuing to work in partnership with SYRIZA and our supporters in Podemos and Quebec Solidaire as we make links with the left internationally to stand together against austerity, neoliberalism and war.

Myrto Tskatika, a supporter of the Left Project and co-ordinator of SYRIZA Scotland said:

This is a significant moment for the Scottish Left. An alliance would ensure that the united  voice of socialists, the social movements and the broader forces of the left in Scotland will be stronger than ever. From Greece and Spain to Scotland, Europe is changing and the radical left is making its mark in the common struggles against austerity and neoliberalism that lie ahead.

Over the coming months we also aim to hold grassroots and community based discussions in the new politically awakened Scotland. Our approach will be guided by ideas for radical social change such as participatory democracy, democratic public ownership, redistribution of wealth and power from the rich to the poor, feminism and independence from the British state and its monarch.

Supporters can help this effort by signing up to our statement, writing for the website, making a donation, or hosting a meeting with one of our representatives where we can discuss and debate the way forward.

Scottish Socialist Party statement on building new left alliance

May 24, 2015 -- The Scottish Socialist Party has backed plans for a new left wing electoral alliance aimed at winning seats in next year’s Holyrood elections. The decision was taken at this weekend’s SSP national conference on the recommendation of the party’s executive.

National co spokesperson and former Lothians MSP Colin Fox welcomed the decision and said:

“With the return of another Tory government determined to intensify its assault on jobs, services and trade union rights and the collapse of Labour as a working class party the need for socialist representation is now more urgent than ever.

“The SSP is keen to work with other socialists and progressives, many of whom have become active as a result of the Yes campaign to secure independence and fundamental social change. Our conference voted to begin negotiations with other socialists about presenting an electoral alliance for 2016.

“That socialist change will not in our view be delivered by the SNP. It needs to find an organised form both in day to day action in defence of jobs and services, opposing cuts and closures which is the core of the SSP's work and at an electoral level.”