NPA (France)

Kevin B. Anderson — After a racist police murder, an uprising of France’s marginalized youth has targeted the state apparatus in an unprecedented ways, exposing the race/class faultlines of modern capitalism.
Léon Crémieux — On 30 April, the Polynesian pro-independence Tavini party won a solid majority in the Territorial Assembly for the first time. This confirms a real change in the political landscape in the archipelago
Léon Crémieux - The question of pensions will become a major social and political issue in France.
In December 2022, the New Anticapitalist Party’s (NPA) congress ended in a split between two roughly equivalent forces. While the future of the NPA tendency animated by former militants of the Revolutionary Communist League (LCR) is uncertain, François Sabado looks back on this crisis and takes stock of this attempt to unite the anti-capitalists.
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Below, Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal is publishing statements from various French left groups on the outcome of the May 7 French presidential election which saw centre-right banker Emmanuel Macron defeat the far-right candidate for the National Front, Marine Le Pen. These include statements by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, from France Unbowed; Ensemble! (Together!); the French Communist Party (PCF); and Philippe Poutou, from the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA).

Below are a number of statements (or news reports of statements) by European left parties on the crisis in Syria.