Ilya Matveev

Ilya Matveev — Alexei Navalny must be recognized for what he was: a giant of anti-authoritarian politics and nonviolent resistance.
Volodymyr Ishchenko, Ilya Matveev & Oleg Zhuravlev look at how the transformation of the Russian economy and society in response to the challenges posed by the invasion of Ukraine have affected popular support for the war.
Ilya Matveev discusses the recent armed rebellion led by Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, what it tells us about the realities of Putin’s regime and its possible impacts on the war in Ukraine.
Ilya Matveev — Russian imperialism does have its own logic that is not reducible to the interests of the ruling class. The appearance of the non-economic roots of Russia’s aggressive expansionism since 2014 raises questions about the contemporary validity of classical theories of imperialism.
Gilbert Achcar, Zofia Malisz and Ilya Matveev - What comparative-historical parallels can help to understand the dynamics of the Russian-Ukrainian war and its consequences? What should be the anti-imperialist position in such conditions? Does the left have anything to say about the security situation in the world in the medium term? A roundtable discussion.
In this lecture from the series on imperialism today, Ilya Matveev discusses the particular character of Russian imperialism and the evolution of the Putin regime. Matveev is a political scientist formerly based in St Petersburg, Russia, and cooperator with the media-project