(Video) The crisis of hegemony, imperialism, and challenges to world security


What comparative-historical parallels can help to understand the dynamics of the Russian-Ukrainian war and its consequences? What should be the anti-imperialist position in such conditions? Does the left have anything to say about the security situation in the world in the medium term?

00:00 Opening of the world security section of the conference Feuerbach 11 «Reconstruction and Justice in Post-War Ukraine».

05:10▪️ Gilbert Achcar, SOAS University of London.

25:43▪️ Zofia Malisz, Razem.

50:23▪️ Ilya Matveev, Posle.media.

01:24:27 Discussion▪️ Moderator: Volodymyr Artiukh, co-editor of Commons, social anthropologist, University of Oxford.