Paul Le Blanc

Trump rally

Trumpism, fascism, and political realities in the United States

Paul Le Blanc — Donald Trump represents a kind of politics that has powerfully transformed political realities in the United States, a kind of politics labeled by some as Trumpism.

Paul Le Blanc: The essential and non-essential in Lenin

The hundredth anniversary year of Vladimir Lenin’s death has generated a remarkable outpouring of explorations and evaluations that are in dramatic contrast to the flat, two-dimensional dogmas that became dominant during

Ukraine’s fight for freedom: A socialist case for solidarity and self‑determination

Paul Le Blanc offers a socialist perspective on the Russia-Ukraine war, arguing for solidarity with Ukraine's fight for self-determination while opposing the imperialist agendas of both Russia and Western powers.
Vladimir Lenin

Lenin’s socialism: Labels and realities

Paul Le Blanc — Lenin's conception of socialism, which he shared with Marx and Engels, with Eugene V. Debs and Rosa Luxemburg, and with many others, remains a possible alternative to capitalism that is worth considering and fighting for.
Leninist Days

Socialism and revolutionary democracy: Lenin’s legacy for our time of catastrophe

Paul Le Blanc — In the hundredth anniversary year of Lenin’s death, the importance of engaging with the ideas and work of this uncompromising revolutionary flows not only from our need to comprehend the past but also the present — and possibilities of the future.

Socialism or barbarism? Why Rosa Luxemburg matters today

Paul Le Blanc and Helen Scott look at the relevance of Rosa Luxemburg’s ideas for transforming a world in crisis today.
October Song Paul Le Blanc

The Russian Revolution of 1917: Resources for scholars and revolutionaries

For those wanting to make use of Marxism to understand and change the world, among the most important classical thinkers are, surely, Rosa Luxemburg and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Lenin book Le Blanc

Lenin: Responding to catastrophe, forging revolution

Paul Le Blanc — The process of testing different perspectives and learning from actual struggles will be necessary on the way to creating a revolutionary party worthy of the name.
Russian invasion

Making sense of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

A momentous development has drawn my attention away from the unfolding climate catastrophe on which I have been riveted.

Kautsky and Lenin

Kautsky, Lenin, Stalin and revolutionary Russia

Karl Marx once commented: “Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it.” Less mature activists prefer the posture of changing the world over the hard work of understanding it, but as the young Marx also thundered: “Ignorance never did any one any good!”