Copenhagen: Venezuela accuses -- `Thirty industrialised countries are destroying the world'

By Telesur, translated by Kiraz Janicke

December 15, 2009 -- -- The Venezuelan delegation to the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, denounced today the attitude of developed countries in the world meeting for not committing to reduce emissions of polluting gases because this would presumably affect their economies. The delegation said that developing nations “will not let them get away with it” because it is unacceptable that they do not take into account that they are responsible for the future of the planet.

In an interview with Telesur, Claudia Salerno, director of the Venezuelan environment ministry’s Office of International Cooperation, explained that the 30 industrialised countries have the potential to “change the destiny of the world, but today they are telling us that it is too expensive and they are unwilling to let the GDP of their economies be impacted by the response measures to climate change.”

“That is unacceptable, I not only point out to them, but I accuse them… not only are they going to be responsible for climate change but they will be responsible for the future of this planet”, said the official.

She said that developed nations “will have to be judged by the world for what they are doing at the moment...we are not going to let them get away with it”.

The delegate announced that Venezuela, failing an agreement, will stay  [in Copenhagen] until December 18 or until Christmas if necessary. The [representative of the] Caribbean country said that nothing will happen in the Copenhagen Summit unless the commitment that developed nations must assume is taken as the starting point.

She disagreed with the statement by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon saying that the problem is not about “pointing fingers” at polluting countries and said “with respect”, that it is just to accuse the 30 countries that are destroying the world.

The Venezuelan delegation criticised that the meetings are closed and without access to the press and international observers. “They are getting away with it without letting the world know… the world has its eyes on us. Let the discussions become more open and let the press into the discussions to make the world know what is happening here”, she said.

She welcomed the decision of the African delegations on December 15 to pull out of negotiations because of the intention of the developed countries to discard the Kyoto Protocol.

“The industrial nations can not continue to sabotage the process and break the UN rules on the discussion of the issues, here are the 130 nations which are still developing because there is no time for more… they should make a commitment to reduce emissions and provide funding for developing nations so that we can take action together to improve climate change alleviation.”

The 15th United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen (COP15) counts with the attendance of representatives of 192 countries. The meeting will last 11days and it is expected that 100 heads of state and government will be at the closing ceremony.