Honduras: Video -- Which Way? Audio -- Ricardo Salgado discusses situation after the `election'

Honduras: Which Way?

January 10, 2010 -- In October, 2009, a delegation of human rights observers from Chicago visited Honduras to witness the popular resistance to the coup d'etat. We interviewed many leaders of the movement, and recorded abuses against them perpetrated by the coup regime and its military apparatus. This video is a short example of the spirit of the resistance by the Honduran people, which continues despite the fraudulent election that took place on November 29, 2009. Despite being boycotted by 63% of voters, the coup regime remains in power. Video produced by We = Producciones En El Ojo (In the Eye Productions).

Audio -- Ricardo Salgado discusses situation after the `election'

In the this three-part interview (recorded in December 2009) Ricardo Salgado, a member of the National Resistance Front Against the Coup, tells Latin Radical that the popularly boycotted "election" in Honduras on November 29 has not, as the mainstream media and politicians claim, "resolved" the crisis. In fact, tensions have increased with more violent and shocking human rights violations by the military than ever before. The resolve of the people to resist the coup regime is hardening. 

Part 1.

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Part 2.
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Part 3.
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