La Via Campesina calls for proactive boycott of Israeli goods, reiterates support for Global BDS campaign

Boycott Israel

In response to the genocidal war being waged on the people of Palestine, we, La Via Campesina, reiterate our steadfast solidarity with the peasants, fisherfolk and working families of Palestine. Many of them dedicate themselves daily to the realization of Peasants Rights and Food Sovereignty, engage in heroic acts such as planting their lands, caring for their orchards, fishing in their rivers and sea, and organizing themselves within the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC), a longstanding member of La Via Campesina.

There are no words to describe the pain and the heartbreak felt within all of La Via Campesina with each life lost, each child maimed and orphaned, each home and hospital destroyed, each farm and field abandoned for fear of death by air raids in Gaza or armed emboldened settlers across the West Bank. This illegal Israeli occupation that has lasted far too long now carries out what one UN official described as a "textbook case of genocide".

Over 13,500 civilians have been killed, at the time of writing this press release, and the numbers of lost souls continue to increase. The majority of the casualties are women and children. Another 3,000 missing trapped under the rubble. A ceasefire is imperative to prevent further horrors. It is our duty as social movements, organizations, and individuals within society to globalize the struggle and solidarity, and put to an end these shameful crimes that do not lead to peace and undermine sovereignty, destroying the future of generations.

Boycott Israel for a free and food sovereign Palestine!

The BDS campaign's first goal is to challenge international support for Israeli apartheid and settler-colonialism. In the context of Israeli's genocidal war increasing the global effort in boycotting Israeli products aim at reaching as soon as possible a ceasefire, allowing massive entry of humanitarian aid in Gaza, and pushing for diplomatic negotiations towards the end of the illegal occupation of Palestine.

Honoring our commitment to a Food Sovereign Palestine, and in memory of our dear Islam Ali – UAWC organizer killed by Israeli airstrikes on 13 October 2023 – La Via Campesina calls on all of its 182 member organizations, friends and allies alike, to join in reaffirming its collective demands of October 2023 [SEE BOX BELOW] and, in addition to actively participating in popular protests worldwide, public campaigns to pressure all governments and the United Nations. We invite all people and organizations of good conscience to take concrete coordinated action as encouraged by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) campaign.

Aiming for the greatest of possible immediate impacts, La Via Campesina invites the entire Food Sovereignty Movement and its allies to:

  1. Boycott all Israeli goods, especially food and agricultural products from the occupation such as fruits, vegetables and wines: Many products are wrongly labelled as "Produced in Israel" when they come from stolen Palestinian lands. As explained by BDS, "Farming is tied to the Palestinian people's identity, history and resistance to Israel's colonial occupation. Israeli agricultural export companies play a key role in Israel's destruction of Palestinian agriculture, the dispossession of Palestinian farmers and land grabs that make way for illegal Israeli settlements". Boycott all Israeli goods and demand that they be removed from any and all markets and supermarkets! Buy Local – Boycott Israel!
  2. As suggested by the BDS Movement, we call for a proactive boycott of Carrefour, Siemens, Axa, Puma, HP, Re/Max, Ahava and Sodastream, and other transnational companies identified by BDS as "involved in war crimes committed by the Israeli regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid over the Palestinian people". Join BDS and La Via Campesina in boycotting these companies and their products worldwide! They must cut ties with UN declared illegal Israeli settlements! Palestinian rights are Human rights!

La Via Campesina demands of October 2023

– Unconditional Cessation of Hostilities: An immediate and unconditional cessation of ongoing hostilities and acts of violence against civilians.

– Safe Passage and Border Openings: The establishment of safe corridors and the opening of all border crossings to facilitate the swift entry of medical aid, and food, and to expediently transport the injured for urgent medical care.

– Accountability for War Crimes: Prosecution of those responsible for war crimes before the International Criminal Court (ICC) in line with its mandate and international law.

– Formation of International Investigative Committees: Establishment of international committees to investigate and report on the unprecedented crimes committed during this conflict. In advocating for these actions, we stand in solidarity with all civilians caught in the crossfire and seek justice, peace, and the upholding of fundamental human rights.