Simon Pirani — What can we, in the labour and social movements, do about these two conflicts that are transforming the world we live in, and heightening fears of bigger, bloodier wars?
Writing from a Russian prison, sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky has penned the following open letter in support of a broad solidarity campaign with left-wing Russian political prisoners.
Mikhail Lobanov on the prospects for political change in Putin’s Russia.
In a new letter to his daughter from Detention Centre No.12 in Zelenograd, Boris Kagarlitsky discusses the fallout of the horrific terrorist attack at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall.
Andrea Levy — Renowned Russian sociologist, dissident was jailed on February 13 for five years on trumped-up charges of “justifying terrorism”.
Renowned Russian sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky was jailed on February 13 for five years due to his opposition to the war in Ukraine. This is his first public letter since then, sent from Detention Centre No.12 in Zelenograd.
The sham trial of Dr Kagarlitsky is the latest in a wave of brutal repression against the left-wing movements in Russia.
Mikhail Lobanov discusses the Just World/Peace campaign that is seeking to disrupt the staged presidential elections taking place in Russia between March 15-17.
The following manifesto has been issued by Just World/Just Peace, a new left-wing initiative seeking to disrupt the staged presidential elections that will take place between March 15-17.
Ernest Reid — The post-Soviet capitalist regime has been central to the gradual destruction of Russia’s Left. Nevertheless, the emerging new cohort of leftists offers hope for the future.
Paul Le Blanc — Lenin's conception of socialism, which he shared with Marx and Engels, with Eugene V. Debs and Rosa Luxemburg, and with many others, remains a possible alternative to capitalism that is worth considering and fighting for.