Simon Pirani — Although the disruption to oil and gas markets is real enough, this “energy crisis” is also in some respects a mirage that serves corporate power.
Jan Czajkowski — The war against Ukraine is not just one more political issue among others, where it is possible to have different opinions within the left. Rather, it is a watershed moment.
Murray Smith — The war in Ukraine has cast a harsh light on the radical left in Europe, revealing the best and the worst.
Dale T McKinley — It is unfortunately all too predictable that some on the left are consistently calling for imperial nations/the West to stop objectifying the people of the Global South, while refusing to apply the same to the majority of people and the left in Ukraine and Russia.
Ilya Matveev discusses the recent armed rebellion led by Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, what it tells us about the realities of Putin’s regime and its possible impacts on the war in Ukraine.
Michael Pröbsting — Resistance Books, an Australian based non-profit, progressive book publisher, has published a new book dealing with the Ukraine War: the single most important event in the current conjuncture of world politics.
Posle’s editorial collective on Wagner’s mutiny and its consequences.
Boris Kagarlitsky — The repeated failures of the Russian army, combined with scandalous events such as the appearance of Ukrainian drones over elite suburbs of Moscow, have caused something akin to patriotic hysteria among supporters of the war.
Alfons Bech — Discussions on peace in Ukraine are all very well, they are necessary. We must continue them. But we should know what the Ukrainians are saying.
John Feffer — Advocates of "peace now" in Ukraine would do well to listen to what Ukrainian and Russian progressives have to say.
Jeremy Corbyn — My support is for Lula, the Pope, the Chinese president, and the general secretary of the UN, who are trying to get a peace process going on.
Ilya Matveev — Russian imperialism does have its own logic that is not reducible to the interests of the ruling class. The appearance of the non-economic roots of Russia’s aggressive expansionism since 2014 raises questions about the contemporary validity of classical theories of imperialism.