Farooq Tariq

Farooq Tariq — The International Monetary Fund’s Executive Board has approved a larger-than-expected conditional loan worth $3 billion for Pakistan. But the common people will have to pay a heavy price due to the IMF's draconian terms and conditions.
Farooq Tariq — Ecosocialism offers a vision that transcends the false dichotomy between ecological sustainability and social justice. It recognizes that the climate crisis cannot be overcome without addressing the underlying structures of power and inequality.
Farooq Tariq — The situation in Pakistan is highly unstable and volatile, with political and economic crises intensifying and exacerbating each other.
Farooq Tariq — Pakistan is facing one of its worst economic and political crises at present. The political crisis is best manifested by the fact that almost half the National Assembly (Lower House of the parliament) members have resigned.