Socialist Party of Malaysia

Parti Sosialis Malaysia — International Women’s Day allows us to reflect on the progress made towards empowering women and to call for action to overcome the challenges that still exist in achieving gender equality in all aspects of life.
Statements by New Bloom (Taiwan), Jamhoor (Pakistan), the Socialist Party of Malaysia, Partido Lakas ng Masa (the Philippines), the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation, the Japanese Communist Party, the Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction), a collective of anonymous Tibetans and Hongkongers, and a group of Revolutionary Communists in China.
Socialism International is a biannual conference organized by Parti Sosialis Malaysia
Socialist Party of Malaysia — We do not demand a return to the way of life of the Stone Age or consider that modern labor is a worse thing — we call for people to reimagine our economic system.
Three young leftists from China met up with comrades from the Socialist Party of Malaysia in February. This is an excerpt from the conversation during the visit, related to COVID-19 lockdown and the protests in Shanghai last year.
The Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) would like to voice our concerns regarding the act of the Indonesian government to criminalize Victor Yeimo and other political activists.
Parties from across the Asia-Pacific have issued the following joint statement in response to the attacks by Turkey and Iran on Kurdish communities.
Parti Sosialis Malaysia will be running in the Rembau parliamentary seat and the Ayer Kuning seat in the Perak state assembly. Here is their manifesto for the 15th General Election.

President Joe Biden has just concluded his first official visit to Asia seeking to secure and advance the United States’ core strategic interests in this vital area of the world.