Pakistan: Awami Workers Party demands immediate and safe recovery of disappeared poet & activist Salman Haider

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By Awami Workers Party January 7, 2017 – Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal – The Awami Workers Party (AWP) Deputy-General Secretary Ismat Shahjahan expressed deep concern about the mysterious disappearance of renowned literary figure, university lecturer and progressive activist Salman Haider from the outskirts of Islamabad on Friday night. According to initial reports, he has been missing since approximately 10pm last night when his wife received a message from an unknown number informing her that Haider's car could be picked up from Koral Chowk. AWP calls on the authorities to use all of the means at their disposal to identify his whereabouts and secure his safe release immediately. Salman Haider is a faculty member in the Gender Studies Department at Fatima Jinnah Women's University and is a well-known progressive poet, playwright and theatre actor. He gained widespread fame on social media a few years ago for his satirical poems on social issues. On countless occasions, he has come out in support of the oppressed, across Pakistan. She said that the AWP demands a transparent investigation into the matter and the immediate safe recovery of Salman Haider. With all of the investment that the federal government has made in boosting the authorities' surveillance capabilities in the capital, especially the countless surveillance cameras set up all across the city, it should be possible to trace Haider's whereabouts swiftly. The AWP also calls upon the literary community of Pakistan to mobilize support for his immediate and safe recovery, she said. Farman Ali
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