Malaysia: Socialism 2016 to attract global interest

By A.Sivarajan, Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) Secretary General October 27, 2016
Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal A key international conference on Socialism will take place in Malaysia from November 25 to 27, featuring a host of international speakers and attracting global interest. Since its inception in 2005, Socialism Malaysia has attracted interest among left organizations and activist looking for political alternatives in Asia. The Socialist Party of Malaysia (Parti Sosialis Malaysia – PSM), the organiser for the event, made a breakthrough in Malaysian political landscape during a time when any discourse on Socialism was a taboo. Following the successful crackdown on left progressive organisations that occurred during the 1960’s and '70’s, there was no other platforms openly discussing left political ideology. Thus Socialism 2005 brought back left political ideas into mainstream politics. Since the success of Socialism 2005, the event has been held every year without fail, and Socialism 2016 will be the 12th Socialism Conference. This year’s event is an International event involving various international speakers and participants. While Europe is troubled by a potential Grexit and a concluded Brexit, Socialism 2016 puts forward the core need to exit this oppressive and unsustainable Capitalist economic system. Thus Socialism 2016 theme is "Exit Capitalism - Build The Left". Socialism 2016 conference will run eight sessions featuring prominent speakers from countries like Pakistan, France, India, US, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, UK and Malaysian lawmakers, academics, members from NGO activist and PSM comrades. They include:
- Farooq Tariq, Awami Workers' Party, Pakistan
- Balasubramaniam Somasundram, Central Committee Member, Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninst) (CPI-ML), India
- Pierre Rousset, Fourth International, France
- Dr Mary Jane Ainslie, academic (Social Science), Nottingham University
- Vincent Emmanuel (via Skype), ex-US Marine, Iraq anti-war activist, USA
- Zaki, Partai Rakyat Pekerja (PRP), Indonesia
- Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM) Philippines
- Dr.Jeyakumar, the only Socialist MP in Malaysian Parliament
- Suresh Kumar, PSM enviromental and Indigenous community activist
- Phang Kee Teik, LGBT community rights activist
- William Leong, Opposition MP, Malaysia
- Arutchelvan, PSM Central Committee Member (ex-Secretary General), Malaysia
- Alex Bainbridge, Socialist Alliance, Australia
- Dr Nasir Hisham, National Chairperson PSM, Malaysia
- Syed Farid Al-Atas, Associate Prof Singapore National University Socialism Malaysia Conference attempts to create a platform where current global and regional issues affecting the masses around the world are discussed. In a world thirsty for genuine political alternatives, this year we are putting forward several topics of current interest. These sessions will attempt to dissect key issues that loom over the political climate and the stability of countries like weapons of repression: a) Breaking away from neoliberal globalisation - a look at attempts to build a new economic model, reactions by global capitalism and possible ways forward. b) The Left alternative in elections – how can left political forces use the bourgeoisie parliamentary electoral event to forward left politics – experiences from this region. c) Climate in crisis: Are we too late? – As scientists report that the planet’s vital environmental parameters have been overshot, is humankind too late to reverse the effects of climate change? d) Fighting homophobia & sexism under global capitalism – In world where the masses suffer the pressures of capitalist economic and social problems, communities absorb right wing ideas and find scapegoats to blame. Homophobia and attitudes toward LGBT, racial minorities and women will be addressed during this session. e) Taking on religious fundamentalism & terrorism – a key topic looking at the rise of religious fundamentalism, ISIS, and the warmongering US and its allies. f) Corbyn and Sanders – A refreshing rise of a new wave to the left in two of the most capitalist countries – USA and Britain. What does it show? Socialism 2016, which will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is open for registration now. Please check out our event page on Facebook: Socialism 2016. To register, email us at: with your details During the conference, there will be also a book fair showcasing progressive political books on local and international topics. The 3-day-conference will be followed up by an important meeting with all the international organizations on November 28. This meeting will seek to delve into key challenges for the peoples’ movement globally and attempt to forge a comprehensive working relationship among the left. For further information, please contact PSM Sec Gen A.Sivarajan directly for interviews: