USA: 'Capitalism or Common Sense?' An Occupy Wall Street Class War Camp pamphlet

At the request of the author, Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal is happy to make available a new pamphlet produced by radical Occupy activists in United States, in the interests of the advancing discussion in the movement. The pamphlet can be downloaded free HERE (in PDF) or you can read it on screen below.

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By Pham Binh

April 18, 2012


Who would’ve imagined the word “occupy” would inspire millions to take direct action and stand up for the 99% here in America after brutal occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine?

Now there’s Occupy Pakistan and even Occupy Nigeria.

Occupy is more than a movement, less than a revolution, and long overdue. Occupy isn’t about ideology, it’s about the 99%, hence why pacifists and insurrectionists, anti-capitalist anarchists/socialists and pro-capitalist libertarians, liberal Democrats and Ron Paul Republicans, vegans and omnivores have come together despite our differences.

Just as Jesus took direct action 2000 years ago by chasing merchants and money lenders out of a Jerusalem temple, so today we’re chasing “too big to fail” bankers and corporate lobbyists out of government. They’ve made government “a den of thieves” (as Jesus put it) and it’s time to clean house.

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Capitalism or Common Sense? An Occupy Wall Street Class War Camp pamphlet

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So far they are disappearing from OWS's information tables and a local anarchist group's table at a rate of over 100 a day.