Chris Slee

Chris Slee — Dave Holmes argues “Russia is most decidedly defending itself from an existential threat from the US-NATO bloc” while approvingly quoting Scott Ritter’s assertions that “NATO is a paper tiger”. So which is it?
Chris Slee — "Ukraine Resists!: Left Voices on Putin’s War, NATO and the Future of Ukraine" is a compilation of interviews with socialists from Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere.
Chris Slee responds to "Setting the record straight: Ukraine, Russia & imperialism", outlining the increasingly evident imperialist role Russia plays in the world today and argues that a defeat for Putin would create opportunities for the Russian left.
Chris Slee — Even those who deny that Russia is an imperialist power should recognise that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was a gift to US imperialism and that peace negotiations will only succeed if Russia ends its invasion.
Chris Slee - Tsarist Russia was a "relatively poor and backward state", but Lenin still considered it imperialist, because of its military power, its robbery of national minorities, and other factors.
Chris Slee - Western imperialism certainly played a part in creating the context for the war. But it was Russian President Vladimir Putin who took the decision to invade, and he must be condemned for this.
Chris Slee - One of Russian President Vladimir Putin's pretexts for invading Ukraine has been his claim to be protecting Russian speakers in the eastern part of the country, which he is now trying to annex to Russia. It is therefore useful to look at the history of the conflict in that area.

There is a debate among socialists over whether Russia is an imperialist power or not. Michael Probsting argues strongly that Russia is imperialist. Renfrey Clarke and Roger Annis argue that it is not.