Raju J Das

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Capitalism, climate change and workers’ health: Notes on a research agenda

Raju J Das — Building on Friedrich Engels, this article introduces the concept of “eco-social murder” to explore the ways in which the ecological character of capitalism is killing and harming workers.
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Capitalism, corporates, cronies and common people in India’s ‘new democracy’ on sale: The case of the electoral bond scheme

Raju J Das — In India’s complex and increasingly autocratic political landscape, Hindu supremacism is in a mutually beneficial alliance with corporates against democracy.
Communist Manifesto

Intellectual and political lessons of ‘The Communist Manifesto’ for our time

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ Communist Manifesto was published in February, 1848. It is truly a part of what Marx called world literature that capitalism has given rise to.

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On the worker-peasant alliance in India (and other countries of the Global South)

Raju J Das — For peasants to enhance their success in getting their demands met in India (as elsewhere in the Global South, with its belated capitalist development), there must be a worker peasant alliance.

How to think and write theoretically and critically about society

Raju J Das — There is a growing consensus that the society we live in is not working for the vast majority. This society must be radically transformed. And this task of radical transformation presupposes studying society better – that is, in a scientifically rigorous and critical way.
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Theory and class struggle: A dialectical approach

Much of the knowledge, and especially that which comes from academia and media, is extremely problematic. It is often too empirical, lacking the ability to provide general explanations of phenomena under study.